Overview of the new Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module - part 3

Microsoft Teams Powershell Module Overview - Part 3

This is my 3rd and final post on MicrosoftTeam Powershell Module, in this post we are going to review the following CMDs, if you wish to check out my first two posts on the module please visit the link below.

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Let's begin,

New-Team# Lets create a new team for a new project "New Project Team"

New-Team -DisplayName "New Project Team" -Description "Team for the new project" -Alias NEWPTeam -AccessType Private

Note: Once you run this command a GroupID will be displayed make a not of it.

New-TeamChannel# Lets setup a new Channel "Project Alfa",

New-TeamChannel -GroupId 255d4a49-5076-42c8-a109-45252a7244a7 -DisplayName "Project Alfa"

 Add-TeamUser# Let's add the new user to the team.

Add-TeamUser -GroupId 255d4a49-5076-42c8-a109-45252a7244a7 -User sunil.chauhan@domain.com

Now that we have setup a new team and added a new Channel and then added a new user to the Team, Lets now review he Remove commands.

Remove-TeamChannel# Let's remove the Team Channel. "Project Alfa"

Remove-TeamChannel -GroupId 255d4a49-5076-42c8-a109-45252a7244a7 -DisplayName "Project Alfa"

Remove-TeamUser# Let's remove the member from the team.

Remove-TeamUser -GroupId 255d4a49-5076-42c8-a109-45252a7244a7 -User sunil.chauhan@domain.com

Remove-Team# Finally let's use remove the team.

Remove-Team -GroupId 255d4a49-5076-42c8-a109-45252a7244a7

This completes my final post on the "MicrosoftTeam" Powershell Module where we reviewed rest of the CMDs from the Module. feel free to subscribe to get the frequent update.