Enabling Azure information protection in office 365

Enabling (Azure information protection) AIP in Office 365.

In this post, we will enable AIP and then enabling the "do not forward" option for Outlook and OWA

Connect to office365.

Go to Settings, and Services & add-ins
Look for Microsoft Azure information protection and click on it,

Once opened select the Manage Microsoft Azure Information Protection settings.

Once opened, Click on Activate.

It will open a new pop up, click on Activate to confirm the activation.

A successful activation would show the screen as below.

Now we have enabled the rights Management lets now enable to Do not forward options for users to select in OWA and Outlook.

Connect to Azure portal and search for Azure Information protection, once opened go to Classifications, and the Select the Policies, select the Global policy. 

Once opened.

Switch on the below high lighted options.

Save the settings.

To confirm the Changes, login to OWA and compose a new mail, now you should see a new option says as "Protect".

Once you click the Protect the "Do not forward" permissions will be applied.

Recipient once receives the email will not be able to forward, Copy or print the email.

This completes this article, where we learn about to enable Microsoft Azure information protection and enabled the Do not Forward for users, I hope this was informative, please feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section.