How to configure message tracking in Exchange 2016?

We will be configuring Messaging tracking using EAC and exchange PowerShell.

To configure Message tracking using Exchange admin Center Open the EAC and navigate to Servers select the server that you want to configure and click Edit

  1. On properties page, click Transport Logs. In the Message tracking log section, you can change any of the following settings:
    • Enable message tracking log   uncheck to disable.
    • Message tracking log path   specify the folder path, must be on the local Exchange server. If the folder doesn't exist, it's created.
  2. click Save. To finish.

Below screenshot is showing the default value for Messaging Tracking Attributes available in Transport Service.

We will be configuring the Transport service with the new values as below.

MessageTrackingLogPath  C:\Message Tracking Log. Note that if the folder doesn't exist, it's created for you.
MessageTrackingLogMaxFileSize 25 MB.
MessageTrackingLogMaxDirectorySize 1.5 GB.
MessageTrackingLogMaxAge 45 days.

We will use the below CMD to set the same.

Set-TransportService LABExch1601 -MessageTrackingLogPath "C:\Message Tracking Log" -MessageTrackingLogMaxFileSize 25MB -MessageTrackingLogMaxDirectorySize 1.5GB -MessageTrackingLogMaxAge 45.00:00:00

Once we have run the above cmd we can run the below cmd to cross check the settings we have applied.

Get-TransportService | fl *messaget*

Below screenshot is showing the newly configure settings on the Transport Service.

Further we can use the below CMD to disable message subject logging in the message tracking log on the server named LABExch02:

Set-TransportService LABEXCH02 -MessageTrackingLogSubjectLoggingEnabled $false

And to disable message tracking logging below cmd can be used.

Set-TransportService LABEXCH02 -MessageTrackingLogEnabled $false