Extend windows Server Evaluation period window server 2012 R2

Well all of a suddon I found 2 of my lab machine are shutdown, after invistigatiing further I come to know that the Winodws Server evaluation licence has expired so the server will be shutdown in every one hour so next what to do.

Well its my lab so I am not going to purchase any linense and I just don’t want to rebuild the lab again at this time so what to do.

Not to worry.

If you are seeing the same issue then just chill you can extend your server Evaluation for another 180 Days and that too for 5 times.

So how do we do it.


Just run the “slmgr.vbs /dlv” on Elevated CMD this will show detailed information about the current license.

So I can see Grace Time has expired.



Remaining windows rearm Count is 5 so good news is that, I can rearm the windows Server 5 times

So let’s do the same.

So when we run the slmgr.vbs it will show us all the available switches we can see in below winodws

/rearm switch is what we need to restart the evaluation

So lets run the command “SLMGR.VBS /REARM” to extend the OS,

NOTE: Command prompt should be run as administrator.

It will require a restart to complete the process.

Once you restart the system you will no longer the see the expired notification on Desktop.