Office 365 Interview Questions

Office 365 Interview Questions for Exchange Online Admins

  1.  Exchange Hybrid deployment features
  2.  Hybrid deployment prerequisites
  3.  Certificate requirement in an Exchange hybrid environment
  4. Hybrid deployment protocol port and endpoints
  5. What is an Organization relationship?
  6. How can you control free/busy Sharing with third-party domains or with the partner domains?
  7. How will you troubleshoot a free/busy issue in an Exchange hybrid environment?
  8. How do free/busy works with third-party partner domains?
  9. What components are responsible for the free/busy to work across organizations.
  10. What are the unified groups and their advantages over legacy Distributions Group?
  11. How can we set up a Group Name policy in the organization?
  12. How can we restrict auto-reply or auto-forwarding in Exchange Online?
  13. Where can I check when does the Last successful AD sync run?
                  Answer : Get-MsolCompanyInformation


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