Configure the expiration policy for Office 365 groups

With the growing use the teams the usage of Office 365 groups is increasing is most tenant, to mange the groups administrators and users need a way to clean up unused groups. Now Office 365 offer this feature to set the expiration period.

When a group expires, all of its associated services (the mailbox, Planner, SharePoint site, team, etc.) will also be deleted the group will be marked as "soft-deleted" could be recovered for up to 30 days by the group owners or the administrator.

Once you set a group expiration policy:
  • Groups with user activities are automatically renewed as the expiration nears.
  • Owners of the group are notified to renew the group, if the group is not auto-renewed.
  • Any group that is not renewed is deleted.
To setup the group expiration login to azure portal, and go "Azure Active Directory" and than go to "Groups" and select the "Expiration" and configure the policy as per organization requirement example showing below in the screen shot.

For more details on this please visit the official Microsoft page here here