Disable welcome email for office 365 group

Welcome message to the Office 365 (Unified) group member is by default enabled, but some time user may wish not to inform the recipient about their addition in the group. as it could be annoying for the recipient in case of performing addition to multiple groups.

To disable a welcome message for Unified group in office 365 run the following command.

Set-UnifiedGroup TestGroup -UnifiedGroupWelcomeMessageEnabled:$false


  1. Keep in mind all of the other services tied to Office 365 Unified Groups that generate these emails as well. It should be accounted for as a part of any Governance/Provisioning strategy:

    Microsoft SharePoint (Office 365 Group-Enabled Team Sites)
    Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Stream
    Microsoft Power BI (Legacy work spaces)
    Microsoft Planner
    Microsoft Exchange
    Microsoft Yammer



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