How to copy items to multiple systems using powershell

Sometime we needs to copy some files quickly on multiple servers or nodes, below script can be useful for the same purpose.

#Type Source Folder Name
$FiletoCopyFrom = "C:\Temp"

# Type the name of the folder you want to be created on the destenation machine
# this folder will be force created if already exist will be overwritten.
$DestinationFolderName = "Temp"

#type the Drive Letter you want the file to be copied.
$DestinationDriveLetter = "C$"

# Provide the file path where the Server List is stored.
$MachineListFileName = "C:\temp\ServerList.txt"

#----------Script start--------------------------------------

$DestinationMachines= Get-Content $MachineListFileName
$items = Get-ChildItem $FiletoCopyfrom
foreach ($Server in $DestinationMachines)
Write-host "
Working on Server:" $Server -f Green
New-Item -Path "\\$Server\$DestinationDriveLetter\" -Name $destinationFolderName -ItemType Directory -Force -Verbose
foreach ($file in $items )
Copy-Item -Path $file.FullName -Destination "\\$Server\$DestinationDriveLetter\$DestinationFolderName\" -Force -Verbose