Exchange Server 2016 Client Access Namespace Configuration

By default various exchange services are configured with default “servername” name space which is not recommended for production environment in this post we will go through how we configure the Name space on Exchange server 2016.

To keep the thing simple I will use a single name space for all the virtual directory.

In My lab I have an exchange 2016 server installed so lets first see what url are currently configured.

Below we can see the virtual directories so lets open them and see what is currently configured.


We see only the inetenal url configured to server FQDN


  Now set the External URL to and hit Save

you can also set the External URL using the powershell CMD.

Open the Exchange PowerShell and run the cmd to set the virtual directory.

Get-EcpVirtualDirectory -Server labexch1601 | Set-EcpVirtualDirectory -ExternalUrl


Before you set the virtual directory make sure you have added the DNS Record.

You can verify the URL using the below cmd.